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FAQS for  New & Existing Investors

Who is Chetan Jain  ?

Chetan Jain is the managing partner for  'Just Invest Online ', one of India's leading Online Platforms (via Website and Mobile App) to Transact and Manage your financial Portfolio.  He provides complete  handhold to his clients to achieve their life goals through proper investment targets seamlessly . He is a veteran in the Mutual Fund Industry with vast experience ; hence he keeps writing the valuable  & educative Blogs  for the investing society

What are the charges of JIOL's services ?

JJIOL is registered with AMFI ( Association of Mutual Funds in India) , as a distributor. They do not charge any thing from the customer , rather they get paid from the Mutual Fund companies for selling their product. Yes, of course those commissions re charged from the MF schemes only, but range between 0.5% to  1.25% , depending upon the scheme type : Debt or Equity

What are the services of JIOL ?

There is a Saying, “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL”... i.e. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” . We at Just Invest Online will help you in every step of executing your financial plan, with a safe & secure online  MF investing platform. We  help our clients in hassle free execution and easy to track valuation tools. We help our clients in terms of incidental advice and Risk suitability tests, to pick up right investment choices at the appropriate time. We deal in MF and Insurance both 

How can I get Started investing through you ?

For investing with us you just need to call us or visit our Website : . You can even download our Mobile app : Just Invest Online to get started with us.  Once you register, you will be asked for KYC Check . After making your KYC OK, we get you onboarded to our MF Trade platform , powered by BSE Star MF

You will be required to present your PAN Card, Address Proof and one cancelled cheque to complete the whole process

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