• Chetan Jain

As COVID vaccine is important for your HEALTH ,these Eight Doses Rules are important for your Wealth

" Unfortunately they don’t teach Personal Finance Rules in Schools, hence most of us commit mistakes during our investments journey. Let us learn these eight rules of a personal finance, as your important wealth dose"

Number of years required to double your money at a given rate = 72 divided by interest rate e.g : At 6% rate, it will take 12 years ( 72/6) to double

Number of years required to triple your money = 114 divided by interest rate e.g : At 6% interest rate, it will take 19 years ( 114/6) to triple

Number of years required to Quadruple your money = 144 divided by interest rate e.g : At 6% interest rate, it will take 24 years (144/6) to quadruple

We all know that Inflation is the greatest enemy of wealth ! You should be able to quickly calculate the dent in your wealth , due to inflation !

Just Divide 70 by current inflation rate to know how fast the value of your investment will get reduced to half its present value.

Inflation rate of 7% will reduce the value of your money to half, in 10 years (70/7)

It is advised to divide your assets in various Assets like- Debt , Equity , Gold etc. Since equity is the most favourite asset for all, so everybody wants to know the correct allocation to be assigned to Equity, during your investment journey. This rule is used for asset allocation.

Subtract your age from 100 to find out, how much of your portfolio should be allocated to equities

Example -

Age 30 :

Equity : 70%

Other Assets : 30%

SLR ( Safety, Liquidity & Returns) is the key factor which is used to select the most suitable investment product, by any investor. This rule says that the one should rank their choice of SLR under the scale of 10 .