ACE - Just Invest Asset Allocation

It typically includes a combination of Equity Index ETF, bonds ETF, Liquid ETF, commodities ETF and Foreign Equity Index ETF, allowing investors to diversify their holdings and potentially mitigate risk while seeking returns. Investment Baskets can either be purchased in lump sum or in SIP. It is advisable to start an SIP so that there is regular saving habit, and you can also average the price by buying during different points of time in the market.

ACE - Just Invest Asset Allocation is a Basket of ETFs with various Asset classes Like
  • Indian Equity - Nifty 50, Midcap 150, Smallcap 250 etc.
  • Debt / Bonds -Nifty 5yr or 10yr Benchmark G-Sec etc.
  • Commodities - Gold ETF, Silver ETF etc.
  • Foreign Equity - Nasdaq ETF, Hang Sang etc.

The above basket can be purchased on our partner website Asit C Mehta with whom we have collaborated.

Date of Inception
July 03, 2023