Just The Fact - January 2024

“It has been a dynamic month on the national front. The grand inauguration ceremony of the Ram Mandir marked a monumental event for the......

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Just The Fact - December 2023

As we reached the end of 2023, we recap key developments shaping India’s economy and keeping it poised for rapid growth going into 2024....

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Just The Fact - November 2023

In the face of global challenges such as war, inflation, the US bank crisis, and soaring crude prices......

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Just The Fact - October 2023

The current situation is marked by surges of violence and geopolitical instability, the world is grappling with the far-reaching......

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Just The Fact - September 2023

Small Cap Funds have recently emerged as the shining stars.Large Cap Funds have faced a different trajectory, witnessing a continuous decline in subscriptions....

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Just The Fact - August 2023

In the vast expanse of space and the intricate world of finance, one might not immediately see a connection between Chandrayaan 3, India's...

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Just The Fact - July 2023

The equity market experienced another robust month, with Nifty reaching a new high and settling at 19,537 as of 1st August 2023...

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Just The Fact - June 2023

Record-breaking Milestones: Nifty Soars to New Heights at 19,000. The past month has been one for the record books in India's financial...

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Just The Fact - May 2023

Performance snapshot of Indian Equity Market - Nifty & Sensex : As of 31st May 2023, the Nifty closed at 18,534.40, while the Sensex closed...

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Just The Fact - April 2023

April 2023 was a good month for Indian Equity investors. Both Nifty and Sensex saw a strong performance in the month of April, with Nifty....

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Just The Fact - March 2023

Wealth creation is a critical objective for any long-term investor, but inflation can present a significant challenge along the way....

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Just The Fact - February 2023

Equity Investment doesn't only build wealth, but it also teaches A lot about life, patience, persistence and wisdom....

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